There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
Home is where my husband and I reside; wherever that may be.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


     Every day changes occur.  There is really no avoiding them and yet I find myself resistant to change, or at least I used to be.  In the past year I have been forced into so many changes, both personal and otherwise that I find there is no resisting any longer.  The greatest changed that I have experienced is the fact that I have changed concerning change. 
     In the past month or so I even find myself embracing change as it comes along and I have come to the conclusion that the presence of a small child in every household is an absolute necessity.  The daily growth and progress that they make tends to rub off on the grown-ups in their lives.  It is this constant change that makes us all strong.  I am learning to dislike the phrase, "I'm too old!"  I cannot think of a single thing that I am too old to be doing.  My age may change how capable I am of doing some things but I am beginning to refuse to be too old. 
     I hit a bump a little while back and got too old.  Too old to crawl around in the dirt and play in the sandbox.  Boy did I miss it.  My body didn't for sure but my mind sure did and that is way more important.  I got too old for laying on the floor and putting my feet in the air while I watch a movie.  My hips sure didn't mind letting that little exercise go but my mental health declined as a result.  The belly laughs ceased for a while and so did the cartwheels (sure I can do a cartwheel).  My body began to rejoice and relax a little thinking that I had finally matured past the need for such antics.  My mind started to atrophy and my heart actually shrunk a couple of sizes (just like the Grinch).
     Then Layn and Savannah came into our lives and I am happy to report that the legs are in the air, the belly is aching from all the laughing, cartwheels are back on the menu and this Grinches heart has grown back to its normal size.
     Change: bring it!

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Amelia said...

That's great....Michelle nannies for two angels. They do have a way of bringing life to our home when she brings them over for the day.