There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
Home is where my husband and I reside; wherever that may be.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I exceeded my carbs today and I don't care

Since we moved back here I have been following a ketogenic diet with success too I might add.  To date I have dropped 21 of the 45 pounds that I intend to rid myself of.   This plan is teaching me a lot about myself, the way that my body works, and, most of all, the effect that many of the foods that I eat and used to eat have on my health.  More than all of that, though, my attitude about eating and food is changing.

As I daily remind myself about what is truly important in life, the people I love, those that I encounter on a daily basis, and the influences that we have on each other, I am learning the true place that food should have in my life.

Food is a pleasure that I certainly have spent too much time indulging in over the years.  Though I still feel compelled to search out the first asparagus spears of the spring I can honestly say that an anticipation of enjoying a meal of their tender goodness didn't fill my mind so much as the wonder of their sprouting through the icy coldness of a New York Spring.

Being healthy and active to participate in the imaginings of this little boy is far more palatable than any feast than I can imagine.

Yet when the morning light reveals a visit from this son of mine I realize other lessons that I have learned as well.  That I can eat in celebration without over indulgence or false guilt.

After all food is one of the ways that this family comes together and expresses itself and why not? I have learned that just because I am happy that my son is here for a visit is not an excuse to be self-abusive or over indulgent.  Sure I exceeded the number of carbs that I am allowed a day.  But I am pleased to say that my excess was all in allowed foods.  My final lesson is that in the aftermath of this indulgence I realize that I am no failure, the choice to eat was mine to make.  Tomorrow is a new day to continue on with my new way of eating and there is no guilt in what I have done.

Monday, March 30, 2015

A look into a life 30 March 2015

Outside my is chilly, probably in the lower 20's with the wind blowing adding quite a frigid factor to the gloominess of the day.  Somehow, though, it cannot penetrate into the house where the children play contentedly, the music provides a background of upbeat counterpoint, and the scents of clean laundry and hot coffee perfume the air.

I am thinking...about verse that describes old houses and their voices.

I am thankful...for the welcome that we have received from all the home folk that we have seen so far. True friends really are those that time and space do not really separate.

I am reading...The Divergent Trilogy.  I find that now that I have time to read I feel like a glutton at a banquet.  

From the kitchen...there is chicken noodle soup, corn bread, and a green salad for supper.  I love days when the "mom" kind of things are taken care of and I can play all day.

Creatively speaking...I guess there is no reason for the Old Sew N Sew not to be back in business again.  The work room is all set up and I am happy to say that the quilting machine that we picked up from the repairman the day before we pulled out of SC is set up and running like a charm.  I am ready to take orders and the creative juices may even begin to flow again very soon.

All of that being said yesterday signaled the start of the most solemn and holy times of the year, Holy Week.  Lent this year, for me, has been somewhat surreal.  Though I have been told countless times that I have been living my lent because of my former life situation, it all seemed like no kind of lent that I could ever have imagined or chosen.  Perhaps as time passes and I am able to process the memories and emotions I can glean some benefit.  Until that happens however I plan on using the coming week to make up for what I feel has been lacking in my observance of this year's season thus far.  
So, until after Easter Sunday and the Resurrection of Our Lord I leave you all with this visual of why I came home and what home is to me.  It is the simple, the silent, and the giving.

Hints, tidbits, and a huge glimpse at an even bigger change.

Roller coasters have nothing on the life I have been living lately.  For someone with a weak stomach it has been an interesting one to say the least.  
In one short week I went from visiting with Layn like this....
to this.

Even grandpa was excited to be home and to help the driver get the trailer situated so we could begin the unloading process.  They dropped that trailer at 12:30 and by 1:15 I was calling the company to come pick it up.  The dispatcher was shocked that we had the job done so quickly.  In hindsight we should have told the driver to go get lunch and come pick it up when he was done.

Now my days are spent with the wonder of discoveries

and mega cuddles.

Now the next step will be to get my girls back to NY.
Daily hugs from Savannah and Kaycie will be the final spice to round out my contentment.

Monday, February 23, 2015

I struggle too

Don't put me up there on that pedestal.
not anywhere but in your prayers.

Don't tell me how strong, patient,
loving, kind, or holy I am.

Put me in your prayers.

I struggle too
you just may not see it.

"You couldn't do what I am doing"
how many times have I heard that one.

Neither can I do what I do
without your prayers.

"how you must love.."
that's another one I hear.

Love, what's love?
right now I sure don't feel it.

I just need your prayers.

Purgatory shortened, heaven guaranteed,
just because I carry hell inside of me?

It's your prayers,
I just need your prayers.

Admiration, you can keep it
I know what's inside of me

I beg you for your prayers

Kind words, they are for the good
I live with what's inside of me

I only want those prayers.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate...who the hell cares what you decide?

There is a lot of crap stuff on the internet about vaccines and all the horrible things that they do to kids.  There is so much out there that it is difficult to weed out what is true and what is written by some person with an ax to grind.  Right now I don't know if it is the low blood sugar, the fact that I am off my meds, (never a safe thing), or my current living situation but I am sick and tired of all that I have seen.

I gave birth to 7 children and raised 6 of them.  Over the years we fostered 40 babies and young toddlers. All of these kids were vaccinated.  No, before it is falsely assumed, my husband and I didn't blindly take our kids and have them filled full of these terrible chemicals just because it was expected or the thing to do.  Each time they were given their vaccinations it was with forethought and prayer.  We knew the risks and the benefits.

I now have four grandchildren; two have been vaccinated and two have not.  Do I try to persuade the parents of the unvaccinated to mend their ways?  Certainly not!  Do I warn the vaccinated ones to keep them away from the other two?  Let's be real!

Let's talk about the scuttlebutt out there.  I know kids who have been vaccinated who are autistic as well as kids who were not vaccinated who suffer from the same condition.  So what? You think God is going to allow the affliction only with the vaccinated kids? I think not.  I know kids who have been vaccinated who get measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc anyway and those who haven't been vaccinated who never contract these diseases even though they were exposed.  That isn't the point at all.  The choice to vaccinate or not isn't about the ultimate, absolute or the perfect.

The bottom line is what I told my kids when they were growing up and I said no to them: "When you are responsible for your own healthcare and salvation then you can make those decisions. As long as it is up to me you'll do what I think is best."

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hints, tidbits, and here it is Monday, 26 January 2015

Outside my is chilly, once again. After a high of 56 yesterday and bright sunshine 37 is always a kind of shock.  The weather guys were calling for rain in the night but it seems to have passed north of us, close enough to make my bones ache but not enough to drop the wet stuff.  

I an thinking about the excellent surprise that I had Friday afternoon.  Jason was in Greenville dropping a load but it didn't look like I we were going to be able to get together before he had to leave to pick up the next load.  Sitting here feeling sorry for myself and trying to get a little work done I heard the sound of a big truck coming down the road.  Now the neighbors below us frequently get deliveries of something from big semis so at first I was just wondering if the driver was going to have more or less talent than the last one who managed to drive on everyone's lawns while turning in the cul de sac.  

Imagine my surprise when this beauty ended up backing into my driveway!!!!! 
Thank you God, Baby Jesus, Blessed Mother and all the saints!  A visit from one of my children is always a treat but this one turned into an extra special bonus.  His fleet manager called and said she had a load in NC to be picked up Monday morning!!!!! We had Jason over Friday and Saturday nights.  Pizza and beer and lots of talk and laughing here we come.

Consequently I am thankful for...Jason taking a load (that pays less) but brings him close to his parents so we get to spend time with him.  God is truly good.  

I am reading...The Art of Praying by Romano Guardini

From the kitchen...there is nary a thing to be had in the ice box!  A big lug of a son ate me out of house and home.  I am also down to my last two beers!!!!  And thank you God for that lack since it means that we were together and I spent time with him rather than wasting it in other less worthy pursuits!!!  Fear not I have a plan though.  Tonight we will enjoy crock pot chicken condon bleu.

Yesterday Jason and I went to Anderson to a HUGE flea market.  This little gem was my big acquisition of the day.

Mary-Kate you know you want one! I haven't carried a knife since we moved since there aren't too many bales of hay to open here.  The last time I had to cut vines in the garden or open a package that had straps on it I had to scramble to find a suitable tool.  Here is the answer to that problem and it came with a holster too!!!!

Today will be spent finishing an order for altar linens so they can be shipped either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.  There are also two aprons to finish and ship.  Between loads of laundry, sweeping floors, and changing beds and diapers I should be able to stay out of trouble.  Tomorrow we take the quilting machine to the sewing machine place to have some routine maintenance done on it and have the timing adjusted.  That should take care of my whole week right there.

God is truly good to all of us if we only take the time to look for the blessings.  I am thrilled by the visit from Jason but it isn't only the large things that constitute His love for me.  The daily pictures and texts from my daughter's-in-law, daughter, and husband, the sun when it shines and the birds outside my window are only a very few of the gifts that He gives me daily.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A few of my favorite things

After he came home from work yesterday my wonderful, thoughtful, and sacrificing husband piled my mother into the car and took me shopping to the fabric store in Anderson 30 min away to stock up on some sewing things that I was sorely low on.

Coupons and discount card in hand we set out to see what kind of bargains there were.  

Though not on my list I can always use thread especially when it is on sale and in such a rainbow of colors.  It makes me happy just to have this box of possibility sitting on the table in the bright sunshine conjuring up visions of new embroideries and projects to tantalize my fancy.

Buttons are, to me the quintessential embellishment.  Not only that but, when the kids were little, they made the perfect distraction for little people when I was working and they wanted to "help."  I used to order buttons by the pound from a mail order house in PA. What a treat for the kids when I pulled out the button box, a blunt ended needle, and a length of string.  Many is the time that I wore beautifully crafted jewelry that came from those creative sessions.  
When we got home there was the mail to open and it contained as many surprises and memories as the purchases from the fabric store.  A thank you from Adam brought back visions of first grade paper, notes written on white board for the kids to copy and the inevitable cries of, "Why do we have to write thank you notes?"  I can also still hear the pleased phone calls that I received from older relatives after they received one of those notes. Well worth the angst.
Goofy birthday cards with gift cards inside from Ryan are always a surprise and a pleasure. Not for the gift but for the fact that this son of mine is so forgetful and yet so thoughtful and loving.  Thank you Kathleen for being his memory and his other half (not a small job).

A beautiful and most thoughtful surprise from a daughter who knows me so well and loves me anyway.  Two spoons to add to my collection.  Mary Poppins on one carrying with her so many memories of dear friends with carpet bags and delightful imaginations and cozy evenings curled up watching movies together, and intricate carvings on the other reminding me of the beauty of my daughter, inside an dout.

Never is a list of favorite things complete without the new books that have come to live in my world. Thanks to my sister, ReNee' challenging me once again to stretch outside of my sewing comfort zone, I embark on the journey of liturgical sewing.  

These are just a few of my favorite things.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Hints, tidbits, and here I am Monday, 19 January 2015

Outside my window...the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and one might think that it is an early spring day.  Then I stepped out there to take the garbage out and discovered the truth of the day.  The temperature hovers around the freezing mark belying the taunt that the sunshine makes.  I will make no complaint, however, about the chill in the air as long as it continues to be accompanied by the bright ball in the sky.

I am thinking...about conveniences.  Today folks enjoy such conveniences that were inconceivable thirty years ago. When my babies were young where were such pleasures as pay at the pump, drive through pharmacies, and online ordering. An Amazon subscription for delivery of such necessities as toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, laundry soap, baby wipes, and disposable diapers would have made me feel the need to never leave my home.  And yet I cannot help but believe that the existence of such helps will be helping to negate the need for the proverbial sharing of a cup of sugar over the back fence.  Why ask for help from a neighbor, develop a relationship so that stay at home moms can share babysitting and baking, and the closeness and sharing that comes from contact with people.  Getting to know the UPS driver isn't a valid replacement for neighbors and close friends and the realization of our dependency on each other.

I am thankful...for the outpouring of love and support for my birthday and for everyday.  The little messages of prayer, sympathy, inquiry, and support are bright spots and surprises that lift up my days in their little ways.

I am reading...The Serger's Technique Bible by Julia Hincks.  Saturday Doug too me to a bookstore and left me there for a few hours, what a beautiful way to spend a sunny Saturday (when you cannot go on a hike).  My self-restraint must be applauded and admired....pause for adulation...I only purchased three books while I was there. I think heaven will be living within walking distance of a bookstore, coffee shop, and the church. still spilling out around here. I have a stack of new jobs to do, curtains that I took down Friday to pick apart so I can use them for yard-goods, a pile of ironing that is no longer something to be ignored, and a mountain of laundry that should have been done over the weekend.  My brain is cooking up some new ideas and places for it to go.  Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day and, worse, I don't have enough arms to do all I want to do.

Friday, thanks to the awesome convenience of Amazon Prime and my new favorite UPS man the blinds and curtains I ordered came.  This wonderful man, after working an 10 hour day, set right to work taking down the old and putting up the new.

My taste may run to the utilitarian, boring, and non-Martha Stewart-ish but it works for me.  After years of living in a farm house with more important things to do than decorating, cleaning, and ironing window treatment I tend toward the plain and simple.  Now all the blinds work (hooray!!!!) and I can raise and lower them by myself and the curtains don't make me feel like a visitor instead of an inhabitant of this house.

Yesterday we took a drive around the country to get mom out and get some fresh air.  We passed this derelict and I had to stop and take its picture.  Both Doug and I were reminded of our son, Adam's favorite story from childhood, Mike Mulligan's Steamshovel.  It was named Maryanne and I find it ironic that years later that is the name of his beloved wife.

From the kitchen...there is spaghetti sauce on the stove and frozen raviolis waiting to go into the pot. For myself there is turkey breast, spinach salad, and steamed broccoli.

A few plans for the rest of the week...get through today and then move on to tomorrow.  There is so much to do everyday but I am reminded by another blogger, Julie Baldwin, that it isn't about how much I get done.