There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The youngest child

As a parent one cannot help but wonder what each child is going to be like as they come along.  Then there is the whole birth order thing.  I know it plays a part in the development of personality but I refused to dwell too much on that when my kids were little. 

When it was announced to us that there would be no more children I did begin to think about the birth order thing.  Specifically about the youngest child.  For one thing I know myself and I was bound and determined to keep that one a child for as long as I could.  By that time we were already taking in foster children so there was little chance that he would be spoiled in that sense of the word, by being the youngest and being treated as such.  But I did get a lot of heat about not letting him grow up as soon as I let the others. 

Still he managed to grow and mature and become a pretty good individual.  Sure, he likes to zip his nephew into his sleeping bag.  (you don't see Layn protesting do you?)

But he is also a very responsible guy too.  He can dig with the backhoe like no one's business.  Okay, maybe he likes it a bit too much and would dig all day long if you let him.  But boys will be boys and there are plenty of places around here that need to be dug up so it's all good.

And he is safe so that's always a plus, right?

Of course he does get a bit testy when someone else takes over. Not really but he looks like he thinks he could do a better job.  This is one hard-working young man inside and out and I think that being the youngest hasn't done him any disservice.

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Veronica said...

Is that a pout I see? Well, I suppose we all have to learn to share at some point.