There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Even grandpas make oops's!!! They just make bigger ones.

Saturday Layn and I were here alone just minding our own business when my phone rang. It was Ian asking us to come out to the 6-acre lot with the camera.  I knew they had either found something interesting for Layn or they had done something dumb but not irreparable.
It was the second.  Grandpa miscalculated and dropped this tree onto Uncle Jason's pile of hay bales, OOOOPS!  No big deal though. No one was hurt and no damage to the hay.  They just had to cut up the tree and get it off there.

Leave it to my men to want to save something like that for the sake of posterity.

They had been out in the woods most of the afternoon clearing along the fence line so that it would be easier to keep electricity on the fence.  Plus we need the wood to keep warm next winter.

Hey, Uncle Big Dude, does this pose look familiar? 

Layn could not resist jumping right in there to help his grandpa and daddy even though he wasn't dressed for the job or have the right shoes on.

Sadly when grandpa came over with the chainsaw to start moving that tree off the hay we had to jump back into the truck and head back home. 

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Ryan said...

Uncle Matt's stump was bigger, but the stance is the same.