There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
Home is where my husband and I reside; wherever that may be.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Playing hookey.

Yesterday I decided that school was over rated and that I would take the day off.  Actually I was caught up and needed some creativity therapy.  (like retail therapy but you stay at home and make big messes)  I had started a quilt for a friend and pictures of it kept rolling around in my head which usually means work on it pronto before the inspiration wears off. 

So I cleaned up the kitchen really fast, took my shower, and got Layn started with his trains.  Then I sat down to the machine and the above picture is part of yesterday's results.  I love the colors and the pattern but the results are not up to my usual form.  My iron broke and I can't get a new one right yet. Without steam it is hard to get everything to come out nice and square and smooth.  But it is bright and cheerful which is what I was trying to achieve.  This quilt is going to a young lady who has started college this fall far from home.  I really think that she is in need of some cheerful colors and a friendly reminder of the love that is going her way.

Later I will post a pic of the other quilt that I started as well.  It has a chicken theme and is a bit more intricate.  My daughter is the chicken lover and I have been collecting and saving chicken prints for years now in preparation for building this quilt for her. 

But, today it is back to academics which means I can only look up and gaze at my work from afar.  On second thought, maybe I can get done early and spend some more quality time with my sewing machine.


Peggy Wolf said...

Truly a happy quilt that should bring joy and a feeling of love to someone far from home. Sorry to hear about your iron. It's certainly a necessity when sewing. Ironing is one of my favorite homemaker activities. I'm in the process of making a "lazy" woman's quilt using printed sheets for the top. The fabric is stiff percale so I'll need to tie the layers with yarn instead of quilting with a hand stitch. I'm using bias covered cording as trim where I need to piece the sheets. I hope I can make some time today to work on it.

Amelia said...

Oh how fun. Oh I love days like that...I may do one today as a matter of fact and either blog or work on a black velvet skirt for fall...And then there is that really great book too...

And what a darling quilt! It felt good to read that someone else hesitates sometimes to buy when something breaks, we are in the same way these days, I have a chair holding my fridge door closed and one of the shelves is in hub's office waiting to be "mended"...Oh well, we be happy right? : ) So who cares. : D God is good.

Have a fun, productive day and take a few to have some more fun today too. ; )

xxxooo Amelia

Amelia said...

*refrigerator* shelves (above)