There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Product Review

I am not in the habit of plugging products online, or anywhere for that matter.  But today I thought I would make an exception. 
     Yesterday Melissa and I got this new Shark Fabric Steamer.  Over the years I have gone through about three irons each year.  Between ironing for sewing, table linens, and my family's clothing any iron that comes into this house is not long for this world.  In the past couple of weeks we have killed two because they just couldn't stand up to the work load.  It was time to do something.
     After doing some research and a lot of reading we found this fabric steamer at our local WalMart at an affordable price with a two-year extended warranty!
     Today I put it to the test.  I went through two baskets of accumulation including several very large antique tablecloths and a couple of runners that were edged in battenburg lace (not a fun thing to iron).  This steamer made short work of the whole load!!
     My tablecloths look like they are brand-new! The battenburg and the crochetted lace are ironed perfectly without the usual headache and aching back.  All the shirts, skirts, and napkins got done too.  After I got done with all that I set it to work on some heavy duty denim that I was cutting for pants for Savannah.
     The steamer flattened the seams in the first pass!  I think this one is a keeper.
The price at WalMart was $49.99 with $5.00 for the two year warranty.  I wish we had gotten this years ago.

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