There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The depth and beauty of symbolism

Today I worked on the Christening bonnet for the grandson who will be born soon, little Christopher.  Being born into the Catholic Church and becoming a child of God is no small thing and must be done with all due pomp and circumstance.  Because of that his outfit for the day is being made with all the love, care and prayers that his grandmother can put into it.  
Those things will not be visible though.  Outwardly it will be adorned with symbols of a faith that is ever ancient and ever new.

The Chi-Rho is a Christogram that the Church has used since her early days.  It is comprised of the first two letters of the name of Christ written in the Greek alphabet.

This ancient symbol of Our Risen Lord and Savior rightfully takes pride of place on the back of Christopher's bonnet where all will be able to see.  Even at such a young age he is being proclaimed a servant of the Son of God.

Then there is the cross.  No matter what form it takes, whether it is simple or ornate, it is the sign of our solidarity with Christ.  Without taking up his cross and carrying it Christopher will not be able to follow the Son of God into the realm of glory.

These and many others are the signs of the faith into which my little grandson will be born through the waters of Baptism.  These signs and many others will be what educate him throughout his life in how he must walk so that he can follow the path to salvation.

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