There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
Home is where my husband and I reside; wherever that may be.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I should be working but...

Each day I rise and, with little exception, the fabric of my life is woven with the same activities.  Greeting the grandkids, husband, and daughters.  A cup of coffee and morning prayers outline the mundane bed making and room cleaning chores that anchor my world.  Of course there are those things that are particular to each day that help remind me that Monday is the day with the morning hour of adoration, Tuesday is brightened by and dotted with pictures of Savannah and Kaycie at gymnastics, and so on.
This morning was no different though it included the plan to hang bedding on the line, take a walk in the AM and then get to work on the 6 little girl dresses I cut out yesterday.  That was before National Grid took control of my day and adjusted my plans.  No electricity means no sewing, internet, ironing, second cup of coffee, or any other activity that requires that which we take so for granted.  My long walk, however doesn't take electricity so off I went to visit old friends.

The Veronica is up and beginning to bloom on the verge of the road along with the Dog Toothed Violets.  I am always amazed that the yearly application of salt and sand seems not to inhibit their growth at all.

The Vinca, in spite of the snow last week, prospers and is beginning to show it little violet flowers as well. I also discovered this single bunch of Daffodils tucked under a scrubby apple tree along the road.

Mr. and Mrs. Goose were enjoying the bounty of the soybean field across the road and did not hesitate to let me know that I was not welcome to their feast.

Though we have acres of woods and beautiful paths to walk the neighbor down the road has given me permission to walk his trails as well.  These tangles of wild grape vines are the fascination that draw me to his stretch of woods.

Their persistence in growing and thriving speaks to my soul and the constant effort that life exacts to prepare it for a heavenly reward.

This morning I came across this brave tree that lives and stands sentinel to its strength regardless of the barbed wire that has girded its middle.

Closer to home the Forsythia is trying its best to bloom though chill winds continue to blow.  That bush was planted 32 years ago by my husband and I and it lives today.

The hops are up and taunting me that now their growth will far exceed my ability to get their arbor built  to contain them.

And the asparagus are beginning to poke their heads up through the soil.  In a very short time we will be enjoying fresh from the garden goodness.

Oh look what sprang up from the field! Sadly Jason will be back today from spending the weekend with his family and will have to leave to go back on the road. How I miss all my chicks when they are away.

The Blessed Mother stands her sentry still and provides all who wish it a quiet place for reflection.  The trumpeter vine and the climbing rose behind her will green up soon enough to shade and bloom and let all know that God is sovereign and makes all things new.

This ash tree is coming down for good this year.  This ancient giant has provided a place for imagination and fun for both my husband and children for many a year.  Ian and Doug have thought and considered about how to bring it down properly without sacrificing a chain saw to its load of nails, bits of chain, wire, and fence parts.  They have decided to use the backhoe and hopefully it will be pushed over the hill behind it and come up by the roots.  Fare thee well old friend.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I exceeded my carbs today and I don't care

Since we moved back here I have been following a ketogenic diet with success too I might add.  To date I have dropped 21 of the 45 pounds that I intend to rid myself of.   This plan is teaching me a lot about myself, the way that my body works, and, most of all, the effect that many of the foods that I eat and used to eat have on my health.  More than all of that, though, my attitude about eating and food is changing.

As I daily remind myself about what is truly important in life, the people I love, those that I encounter on a daily basis, and the influences that we have on each other, I am learning the true place that food should have in my life.

Food is a pleasure that I certainly have spent too much time indulging in over the years.  Though I still feel compelled to search out the first asparagus spears of the spring I can honestly say that an anticipation of enjoying a meal of their tender goodness didn't fill my mind so much as the wonder of their sprouting through the icy coldness of a New York Spring.

Being healthy and active to participate in the imaginings of this little boy is far more palatable than any feast than I can imagine.

Yet when the morning light reveals a visit from this son of mine I realize other lessons that I have learned as well.  That I can eat in celebration without over indulgence or false guilt.

After all food is one of the ways that this family comes together and expresses itself and why not? I have learned that just because I am happy that my son is here for a visit is not an excuse to be self-abusive or over indulgent.  Sure I exceeded the number of carbs that I am allowed a day.  But I am pleased to say that my excess was all in allowed foods.  My final lesson is that in the aftermath of this indulgence I realize that I am no failure, the choice to eat was mine to make.  Tomorrow is a new day to continue on with my new way of eating and there is no guilt in what I have done.