There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
Home is where my husband and I reside; wherever that may be.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

They say home is where the heart is

If I had a heart here is where it would dwell. Though it is said that our hearts are restless until they rest in the Lord, my heart if I had one, would only be able to contemplate that truth when it was resting here.  
I used to yearn to travel, to see the wonders of God's creation, to spread my wings and fly now I know that I wasn't meant for that kind of life.  My soul is an oak tree with deep roots, made of hard wood, meant to dwell where I was planted until the day that the wood cutter's ax comes to harvest me.
This place, ordinary in the best of ways, contains my memories, hopes, wishes and dreams. The people who dwell here and those who have come before are the arrows that point me in the direction of my ultimate home, heaven.

The leaves changing in the fall, the snow that blankets the land, and the earth that brings forth God's bounty in the summer are the balm and dressing for the hurts of my heart (if I had one) and my soul. It is here, in this place, where I can do the most good.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Summer, fall, making memories and getting my life back on track.

This summer/fall has been different, eventful, and a major growing experience for yours truly.  In the past 6 weeks I have gone back to work, gotten my training for my CNA certification, lived without internet (not really a big deal), and learned a lot about myself and my capabilities.

My little garden provide a lot of therapy, food, and education all summer long.  Last week MK got it all cleared and buttoned up for the winter.  

We have a little teddy bear helping with the wood for the furnace.  Playing on the wood pile is a big part of making us warm in the coming months.

Cousins came together and spent a lot of time learning and growing.  They have taught grandma the important lesson of letting it go and soaking in all the laughter.

Grandpa and Layn fed apples to the piglets.  Grandma took in all the joy of watching those two together.  Little boy laughter and endless questions have punctuated our days.

Campfires on chilly evenings provide time for prayer and slowing down.  I love the thought of my prayers and the smoke rising together into heaven.
I am not good at selfies but this is me in a uniform once again.  I love the time at work learning from the old people and helping them to be comfortable.

Some mornings you just have to throw a jacket on over your nightie and slip into you boots and take a long walk.

We are glad to have done this today too.  Later on the sky opened up and it rained cats and dogs.  

The most important part of the day turns out to be pictures with the geraniums.  This look of wonder and content makes everything worth the doing.