There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
Home is where my husband and I reside; wherever that may be.

Monday, June 20, 2016

A New Day Book 20 June 2016

Outside my window...the sun is out in force today. By 9:00 the temperature was already up to 82 and slated to climb still higher.  All of that being said I think it is a good day to stay inside and catch up on correspondence, do a little sewing, and enjoy the company of my girls.

I am thinking...yesterday was Father's Day which makes me miss my daddy more than usual.  My dad was an avid gardener and the grounds of wherever he lived were always beautiful to behold with various plantings and nary a weed to be found.  Dad's birthday and Father's Day fall within weeks of each other and it was my habit to encourage his gardening habit by gifting him with several bushels of rotted horse manure on both occasions.  He frequently joked that it was a true and loving daughter who would give her father manure for a birthday gift.  I miss seeing him smile when I came over with his gift.
I am thankful...for the privilege of being allowed in the lives of all my little people.  The way little Edmund's face lights up when we FaceTime, hearing the chatter and laughter of Evie over the computer and the little people who live close by.

I am reading....St. Faustina's diary still.  

Friday this 6 year-old graduated from Kindergarten!  There was no more proudness left in the world when this grandma watched him walk across the stage and get his certificate.  Thank you, Layn for all the fun we had the rest of the day and for letting me celebrate with you.  

From the kitchen...there is homemade chicken soup for my sick people, a batch of strawberry rhubarb sauce for my love, and possibly something good for supper.  The temperature, weather, and schedule will be my determining factors.  

Creatively speaking...I have a package ready to ship to WA for my little Evie and another for Sir Edmund.  The bag making bug seems to be biting and so that will be my source of outlet for the next few days.  It being a bit too warm and muggy to play outside doesn't hurt either.

A few plans for the rest of the week...a whole lot of the usual and a little more of the same.  Friday I will have my usual date with Christopher while his mom gets groceries, and Wednesday is Layn's last day of school which will call for some kind of specialness.  Papa and MK have been fighting something respiratory for better than a week now so much of this week will be consumed with getting them over it.  I don't like it when my people are sick

 Here is a picture thought that I am sharing with you... 
 This little boy is someone to write home about.  We left NY two days after he was born. When we first met in person after that he wanted nothing to do with grandma (I know, go figure)  After we moved back and lived with him for awhile he was sure that his parents were punishing him for something serious.  Now, though, he actually asks to come a be with me!!!!!

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