There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
Home is where my husband and I reside; wherever that may be.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Wow! What A New Day Book this is. Monday 1 August 2016

Outside my window...the rain is falling gently and the temperature is a cool and comfortable 66°.  Thus far we have had an unusually warm and dry summer for Upstate New York so the rain is welcome as well as the very muddy reason why I must continue to neglect the yard work.  I lament the fact that the rain will encourage the weeds to grow, as if they really need it, but perhaps with this moisture my cucumbers will be less pointy and sweeter.

I am thinking...about all the things that have occurred over the last three weeks.  I think I need a vacation!  God is truly good in the midst of all the anxiety, busyness, and life he blesses us with brief moments of joy to sustain.

One such joyful moment is this little boy finally learning to ride his bike.  I haven't a picture of it yet but the training wheels are in the shop and he zooms all over the farm now like a pro.  The look of complete abandon and freedom that I see on his face is, at least to me, worth all of the falls, cries, and bruised knees.

Byzantine church in PA that I visited with my longtime online friend Meghann Harden.  One of the many gifts that I was blessed with.

I am thankful...for the moments.  All of the moments that together make up my days are like precious stones strung together like my rosary, slipping through my fingers as I lift my heart up to the giver of such a gift.

Another Byzantine church that my sister and I visited in North Carolina.  The prayers said here were those of thanksgiving for my sister's presence in my life and for her friendship.

I am reading...not a thing.  Really and truly there has been no time for reading lately.  

From the kitchen...there will be food forthcoming.  What that will be remains to be seen.  I have not cooked for well over a week and have eaten out far more than a person with weight issues should.  However today is a new day and a Monday as well which are both good reasons to get off the free-wheeling wagon and back on to the self-control train.  

Creatively speaking...I have been making bags and aprons!  No pictures to show for all my work though.  Everything that I have made lately has flown out of the house as quickly as I have sewn the last stitch.

May I present the pinnacle of the past week's adventures.  Nathaniel Seamus Kraeger was born Wednesday, July 27 at approximately 11:42 PM.  After driving for 11.5 hours on Tuesday to get home from the south land he decided that all the principals were in place and Wednesday would be a good day to make his entrance.

Born at 6 lbs. 8 ounces, 20 inches long his appearance on the scene was rapid and dramatic! 

Of course the price of being three weeks early is an interval spent in the NICU.

A few plans for the rest of the week...taking Kim each day up to Syracuse to hold Nate and bond with him. In between trips I will be learning how to be a wife and mother again.  Each new day will dictate its own activities and accomplishments while we wait for that little man to heal, mature, and come home to his loving family

Here is a picture thought that I am sharing with you...

All Kim has to do when she's with him is speak softly and gently stroke his cheeks and his numbers go to normal rates, his eyes will flutter closed, and a profound sense of peace with wrap itself around the little cubicle that holds him.


Lisa said...

So precious!
(And those pictures... I really an gonna do it! Really! <3)

Lisa said...

So precious!
(And those pictures... I really an gonna do it! Really! <3)