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There's no place like home.
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lesson learned.....I think.

Truly I am not a dumb as I appear, but this whole diaper making thing has been a mystery and a puzzle to me. After a lot (and I mean a whole lot) of reasearch I managed to puzzle out the supplies that I would need to make some of these new-fangled AIO's for Layn. I found a source for the PUL (waterproof) fabric online at a reasonable price. Found another source for the higher quality Velcro (0nly it isn't called velcro it is called Aplix). The problem came when I downloaded about a half dozen different tutorials, patterns, and directions for sewing the darned things. I should have chosen only one and taken it from there.
Mistake number one=lesson number one: everyone does it a little different and therefore there is no one right way to make an all in one diaper.
So here is what I do. I use the pattern called Rita's Rump Pocket (aptly named). I use one layer of the PUL, one layer of some kind of soft fabric which will be against Layn's bottom. So far I have been buying flannel sheets, pillow cases, and clothing from yard sales and repurposing them. Then I use three layers for the "soaker" in the middle. For the soaker you can use anything that you want since it will be sandwhiched between the PUL and the flannel. I have again been using tee shirts that I got cheap from yard sales.
Unfortunately my camera is on the fritz but when it is better I will post pics of both my failures and my successes. Suffice to say Layn now has about a dozen diapers made with love by grandma.

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