There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

One lesson down more to go!!!

This old dog is definitely learning a few new tricks. Back in the day, when my children were only wee ones there was no such thing as "going green." We just did what our mothers and grandmothers taught us to do.
So there I was expecting my first child, the question of how to diaper him was not a question at all. Yes, there were disposable diapers available but who could afford them, and why? My policy is and always has been, "I'm doing laundry anyway, might just as well throw in a few more or do another load if that's what it amounted to." As a matter of fact there was no such thing as WalMart either!!!!! So off to Sears Roebuck I went to stock up on all of the baby essentials: cloth diapers, what we called rubber pants, pins and plenty of A&D ointment. We started out with a purchased diaper pail as well, you know the kind that has the compartment in the lid for the deodorizer tablet, but when baby number three came along and I still had two others in diapers, well you know. So we switched to a 5 gallon pail purchased at the hardware store complete with lid. (forget the deodorizer tablet, just splash some bleach in each time you scrub it out and you are good to go!)
Anyway, back to my lesson. Now my grandson is in diapers. The diaper pail is the same but diapers have certainly changed over the years. I won't even begin to list all of the different options that are out there. Like a good mom, Melissa has Layn in cloth but our four dozen prefolds are beginning to show a lot of wear and he isn't two yet and not likely to be trained any time soon.
So, onto the internet went grandma to search out sources for supplies and patterns to make what is known in the modern world as AIO's. (all in one) I am overwhelmed by the information out there, but I have been reading, watching videos, and downloading until I see diapers in my sleep. Time will tell if this old grandma is a green grandma or just an old fogey!

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