There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Simple Womans Daybook 26 March 2012

Outside my window....our strange weather patterns seem to have resolved themselves into normal March weather.  It is cold, windy and cloudy out there.  I don't think anyone is going to be hanging any laundry on the line today.
I am thinking....that there is a lot of work to be done this week.  It is finals week for three of my subjects which means a lot of writing to be done.  I have also gotten the fabric, pattern, and trims to make a dress to enter into a contest which closes this coming weekend.  To quote Mary Poppins, "Best foot forward!"
I am thankful for....good friends.  We had a reception over the weekend for the woman who served as parish secretary for over 40 years.  The preparations came together seemingly effortlessly and it went off without a hitch.  That could only have happened with good friends and people who respect each other and care.
From the kitchen...the policy will be get what you can.  The cook is going to be very busy this week.  Fear not, there will be no starving in this house just not a lot of gourmet cooking going on.
I am wearing...a long flannel nightgown.  It has turned cold and the fire has only just taken hold and started to warm the house.
I am creating....a winning entry to the contest that I am entering. (I hope)
I am work very diligently on my final works this week.  This means that I am going nowhere until I am done or I absolutely have to go out.
I am reading...Making Sense out of Suffering by Peter Kreeft
I am write inspiring and brilliant work so that my professors are compelled to give me good grades.
I am hearing....the fan on the furnace working to warm the house, Layn chattering to Melissa in the next room, the High Kings singing "The Fields of Glory" and the birds calling to each other outside my window.
Around the house....everything is pretty neat and clean since no one was home much yesterday and when we were home we were outdoors.
One of my favorite things...looking out and seeing the pastures and hay fields getting greener by the day.
A few plans for the rest of the week....finish up school, work on my entry for the contest, snuggling with Layn and Savannah in between to help maintain my sanity and just generally getting to the end of the week.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Savannah a year ago

Savannah now.

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Amelia said...

Hey Gal, (sitting down with my coffee cup)

Enjoyed visiting today, have a great week and enjoy your off time from the kitchen. : ) It amazes me you have the fire on...I have the windows open with a short sleeve shirt and flip flops on my feet. Isn't that something? Keep warm and toasty.

Pics: Darling!

Love, Amelia