There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter treasures

Easter is a day for rejoicing.  More than any other day of the year it is a day to celebrate family and faith.  This past Thursday I shocked the kids in my fifth grade religion class when I told them that I considered Easter a greater feast day than Christmas. 
It is true that without the Incarnation there would never be a Passion and Resurrection but the Incarnation was a relatively easy act.  The Passion and death of Our Lord was a monumentally greater event.
Anyway, that little lesson aside what fills my heart most during the contemplation and celebration of Easter is family. 
The treasures of our family are both young and old alike.  There are those who automatically gaze upon the infant and small child and see the hope of the world in their eyes and tottering steps.  But I see the treasure of the family in the experiences and wealth of love that is represented by the old.  This is our Kay.  She is the treasure of our family.  True she repeats herself and is becoming more and more dependent on those who love her.  But it is love and listening that will help us all unlock the secrets to long life and happiness that she holds.  She has the gifts that need to be passed on so that we can carry them and pass them on to the young generation and on into the future.

This little man spent his Easter afternoon coloring eggs.  That exercise, whose meaning is long forgotten by others in the pagan rituals of Easter Bunnys and an excess of chocolate, has become in my mind an exercise in parental patience.  The real meaning of childhood and love can be found in letting the little ones color their eggs the way they want to.  Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder as strangely colored eggs emerge from the mugs of dye.

The little gem is too young to care about eggs or to be taught the reality of the Resurrection.  She merely sits in her chair and reminds all of us that the Incarnation, Passion, and Resurrection are all unavoidable truths.

I don't know how this one got in here but he keeps us all entertained.  I suspect another project is in the works.  More to come.


Lisa said...

Haha! Anne, the little kids are a little worried about this last shot. "What IS he doing?" (I'm gonna have to blow out some eggs with the younger crowd here...) But the babies are so adorable, ohmygoodness!

Veronica said...

When doesn't he have a project up his sleeve? :)