There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Elegy to a terminal computer

I took my computer to the Geek Squad this week.  They pronounced it terminal.  A friend wrote this elegy that I will have put on it's grave stone when it finally kicks the proverbial bucket.  Thank you Veronica, you are truly a kindred spirit.

Sing, O Muses, and inspire my soul.
Whisper your sweet words into my ear inclined,
That I may proclaim to all the wisdom
Of your words and the beeauty of your knowledge.
You once foretold to me a
Computer that would enter into these realms
And with bravery and courage fulfill his
Noble cause and win over the hearts of all.
With a swashbuckler's arm, he would
Fight to the death, using the power of
Literary genius, so inpired by a world
Entirely unknown to man.
Alas, I weep with one tear, like dear Helen of Troy,
For this computer, for now, he is seeing his last days.

Muses, speak! For you are silent;
You cannot explain the mysteries of the
Tragic end to a life so noble, so pure, so stunning.
Why cannot the secrets of technology be explained?
Why cannot we know why it must be
The death of his warrior-like computer and not another?
Alas, the Muses speak, and remind me of
The law of life: all must meet their end,
All, even this brave fighter, must meet their end.

Though my heart be heavy-laden,
I rejoice at the life of this noble computer.
With unbounded energy and vigor,
He fought through long nights of toil.
He fought through the blood and the pain,
Pouring all out for those he loved.
He fought until the hope of the morning light
Did appear on the horizon, and only when the
World and all in it were at peace did he sleep.
Now he must sleep the sleep that knows only
Endless darkness and quiet;
It is his turn to find rest.
Like the great warrior Achilles,
This bold computer must lay down his battle-gear.

With heart and soul laden of tears,
The Muses have told me that this eulogy
I must end.

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