There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
Home is where my husband and I reside; wherever that may be.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The bounty of the season

One only has to take a walk, with eyes wide and mind open to the gift of life that is all around, and suddenly the abundance of the season becomes evident in the form of sights and scents.
Meadows and ditches are still glorious with their own seasonal offerings.  The Queen Anne Lace dots the land here and there making a valiant last effort to grace the landscape along with clover and chickory.  Even the lowly and often unloved ragweed leaves a golden glow on the landscape in the late afternoons.

A walk through the grape arbor fills the senses with the heady wine of fall while passing under the vines loaded with their burden of fruit.  The birds eat their daily fill while the homeowner presses and packs away the sweet goodness against cold and snow.

The hop vines with their offering of mature blossom give off another type of perfume.  Their scent is reminiscent of cozy fires and frothy mugs and feet curled beneath a warm throw.

Though the nights are cooler and mornings are heavy with damp the vegetable garden bravely goes on fulfilling the promise of late spring.  The sharp tang of peppers on the plant hint at savory dishes that will warm the heart and beat back any chill.

While the rich, summery scent of the tomatoes promise comfort and satisfaction for future meals that will be undertaken.  Even the warm glow of the tomato on the vine is more like a prayer of hope than a luscious fruit hanging there.

Even the roses, though June bearing, seem to pray for length of days and a never ending season of sun and warmth.

While the rose continues to bloom the hydrangea quietly deepens her color and begs to be brought in and saved for the darker days to come.  Each delicate petal seems to promise a sweetness for the days to come if only someone would cut it and bring it inside.

The clown of the garden is the zucchini.  He seems never to know when to quit.  Long after we have all eaten our fill he is out there growing and producing.  His service is legendary and this specimen is determined to live up to that legend.

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Beautiful pictures and words, thanks for sharing!