There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
Home is where my husband and I reside; wherever that may be.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook 10 September 2012

Outside my's a bit nippy out there!  The morning has dawned bright and crisp and sunny.  Looks like fall is on her way just in time.  My husband has broken out the Carharts so it has to be cold out there.  Time for fires in the evening, hooded sweatshirts, and hot cups of tea!
I am thinking...just when they are finally widening the cement out front the days of my sitting out there in the morning are numbered.  
I am thankful for...the bright sun in the morning, cool temps to make working a bit more pleasant, and all the glorious scents that go along with the end of the season.
From the kitchen...I think I will turn the leftover sausage, peppers, and onions into some kind of pasta dish for tonight's supper.
I am wearing...warm flannel jammies!
I am creating...reuseable covers for the swiffer!!!! No more having to buy covers to have to throw them away.  I am notorious for not liking to buy something for the sole purpose of having to throw it away.
I am stay home all day!!!!!  If there is anyone out there in cyberland who needs a car you can borrow mine. Just bring it back full!
I am that Matthew has officially started basic training he has so much to do he can't be bored!
I am hearing....Melissa cleaning the bathroom, MK and Layn making a list of things to do today, and the washer starting it's first load for the day.
Around the house...everything is in a state of controlled chaos.  It is the usual state of this place on a Monday morning.  MK has already mapped out her plan of attack for the house, Melissa has the day off and has commandeered the laundry room, and I am in charge of food for the day.  
One of my favorite things...this time of year.  I tend to wax poetic when it comes to fall.  The sights, smells, and feel of the changing season are part of the reason that living in New York State is necessary to my well being.
A few plans for the rest of the and family are first and foremost.  
Here is a picture thought that I am sharing with you...
                                                         MK and Layn playing horsie!

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