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There's no place like home.
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Let's get real here people!

     I don't usually use this blog as a forum for anything but sharing my family with those members who live far away.  But after reading this article here, I have to stand up and say my piece.
     Suspending a 5 year-old after overhearing her talk with her friend about shooting each other with bubbles?  What is that?  The intended weapon; a Hello Kitty automatic bubble shooter!  Should it be banned because of its high-capacity mag?  or maybe because it is an automatic weapon and those are illegal!  Whatever the reason it is beyond ridiculous.  My first thought after reading this was to ask if little boys should have their fingers removed to keep them from pretending cowboy and Indian.

     My point in all this?  Stop and think a little world.  First of all guns don't cause trouble.  Sitting there innocently in the gun case or on display in the story, they are just tools, bits of metal and wood.  Unfortunately they seem to have taken on untold powers and virtues which rightfully belong to the people who use, and misuse, them.

     Let's look at some facts.  The famous Lizzy Borden killed her folks with an ax.  But the government didn't pass legislation banning axes in general or specific kinds of axes in particular.  The pros and cons of single blade versus double blade axes didn't come under scrutiny because of the heinous murder that occurred all because of an ax.  And why should any of that happen when it wasn't the ax that was guilty but the woman who wielded it.

     Fourteen women were strangled to death with their silk stockings in the city of Boston in the early 1960's, purportedly by Albert DeSalvo, but again the murder weapon has not caused the kind of uproar that guns have in this century.  How about banning silk stocking because they make a good murder weapon?  Or maybe Congress should consider banning stockings because of their lethality but leave pantyhose alone since they weren't implicated in any of the Boston murders?

     Do I sound ridiculous?  I think not, no more ridiculous than those who accuse of guns of being guilty in the Newtown, Columbine, or any of the other mass shootings that have been in the headlines lately.  Guns were merely the instrument of choice for all of those who were responsible for murdering innocent people.  The guns didn't kill, nor can they kill until they are in the hands of someone who intends to use them for that purpose.  And no amount of legislation or banning can stop murders from using guns for that purpose until the minds and hearts of individuals have been changed, not the guns themselves.


Lisa said...

I agree, Ann, it's getting more and more ridiculous. It scares me really how little common sense there is in the "mainstream" and how upsidedown reasoning has become. Good thing those folks at that school can't stand in judgment of our little guys... Their whole play life revolves around weaponry and little dudes with guns.

Anonymous said...

What I was thinking only said better.

Amelia said...

Yes. Exactly.

Dh and I were eating in a little restaurant and talked with some police officers. They would also agree with you.

And we also can remember, on that horrible day that starts with the number 9 for the month, box cutters were used.

Good for you Ann. Good stuff and thoughts here.

I pray God will help us all.