There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
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Monday, April 1, 2013

Sometimes there are leftovers and then, in our house, there are LEFTOVERS!

      When I write my daybook entries and say that there are enough leftovers, from Sunday dinner or a holiday dinner or from the weekend past, to feed the family for several days I don't always mean every man for himself for dinner the next day.  When I cook a meal, mostly on Sunday since that is when we are guaranteed to be together to eat that meal, I usually have a plan for every aspect of that meal.  The reason that I have been thinking about this is that MK came home from work this afternoon and looked surprised to see me cooking.  I guess my plan isn't always obvious to the most casual of observers.  So, let me explain by example.
     Yesterday, being Easter Sunday, I prepared an absolute feast.  There was ham, turkey, and roast beef for the meat course.  Then I made mashed sweet and white potatoes, whole kernel corn, peas with mushrooms, a Greek salad, ambrosia and Kay brought broccoli salad.  Now comes the plan:

Monday:  scalloped potatoes and ham using the leftover ham and some of the turkey juices for the white sauce
         --this will yield enough to have for tonight, lunch for Ian and Melissa for work tomorrow and some for Layn's lunch tomorrow.

Tuesday:  cheesy corn casserole and shepherd's pie using the leftover mashed white potatoes, corn, and peas and mushrooms.
        --this will yield a half recipe of both but enough to for Tuesday's supper, lunch for Ian at work, and lunch for Layn, Melissa and MK at home.

Wednesday:  Southwestern chicken stew (for those who don't mind spicy) and turkey with gravy over rice (for those who do)
        --this will yield enough of the stew for my lunch on Thursday along with lunch for Ian, Layn, Melissa, and MK and some stew to give to a friend who likes it too.

Thursday: we will finish up anything that is left from the meals for the week since we don't want leftovers that contain meat to be around on Friday.

That is my plan when I cook such a big meal on the weekend.  What about the leftover side dishes you may ask, they will be served along with the other meals until they run out.  If more is needed I always have frozen veges on hand and salad fixings.  Next post will include some of my recipes.

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