There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
Home is where my husband and I reside; wherever that may be.

Monday, September 30, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook 30 September 2013

Outside my window...another crisp fall day has dawned.  We have had an amazing run of beautiful dry days.  The sun has been shining highlighting the burgeoning colors of fall.

I am thinking....that there is no other place on earth that can compare with my little corner of the world and yet it isn't the weather or the sunshine or even the colors in the leaves that make me happy but rather the memories that have been made here.

I am thankful for...good friends and neighbors.

From the kitchen...there is enough soup from yesterday left for a hearty lunch then I think there will be scalloped potatoes and ham for supper.  The men seem to have put on their cold weather appetites in the past couple of weeks.

I am wearing...lots of flannel.  I wonder if roasty toasties and comfy cozies will be the order of the day where I am going?

I am putter my way through another Monday.  There are plenty of little chores and sundries that have to be taken care of.  All of the in the mean times will be filled with wandering around the farm soaking in the scents and sights of home so I can take them out later and look at them.

I am reading...nothing yet.  Still too much going on to settle with a good book.  But I have a couple on deck for when I get there and need to get away.

I am gather more apples for pressing.  We got 20 gallons yesterday but Ian wants to make vinegar and some hard cider too.  This year has been such a bumper crop!

I am hearing...Layn in the kitchen chattering away to himself, the washer is doing it job faithfully as always, Melissa is prompting Layn to finish his chores before he settles into playing for the morning.

Around the house...there is utter chaos!  There are packing boxes everywhere!  The kitchen is in disarray waiting for the new dishwasher to be installed, the cider needs canning, and the remnants of Saturday's baking sits on the table tempting me to eat what I shouldn't.

One of my favorite things...a day like we had yesterday with friends and neighbors dropping in to help press cider and going home with a jug. The air perfumed with apples, pasta e fagioli, and falling maple leaves and lots of laughter and talk punctuating what would be called work if it wasn't so fun.

A few plans for the rest of the week...finish packing and bidding farewell.

Here is a picture thought that I am sharing with you...

Mary-Kate and Rocco got a chance to spend some quality time together yesterday.  Its nice when a couple of old friends can be alone with each other.
Layn on a mission with his dump truck.  There is never a dull or quiet moment with that child around.

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Meghann said...

I've said it before: I feel like we've caught up over a cup of coffee. It's a serene and warm moment in the midst of our chaotic days. :-)