There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
Home is where my husband and I reside; wherever that may be.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Watch out Greenville here we come!

My beloved daughter, Mary-Kate came to visit for a week!!! What a wonderful time I had in the company of this amazing young woman.  She has grown up to not only be my daughter but my friend as well.  Of course South Carolina will never be the same again but that's just what happens when the two of us get together.
Tuesday we spent the day together talking, sewing, sorting though fabric, and talking some more!  She got to know my dog who promptly defected and fell in love with MK! 
Wednesday we took the day to go out and see what kind of damage we could to to Easley and Greenville.  First a stop at a local thrift shop where MK managed to find the perfect dress for the wedding.  It still had the tags on it and we only paid $7!  Then we were off to Hobby Lobby and then Belk where I, with the help and criticism of my loving daughter, managed to find my dress for the wedding as well. 
With all that seriousness out of the way we headed to Greenville to two of my favorite stores in the area.  At the Mast General Store MK got into the spirit when she saw the shield and swords that were displayed.

But I think the true MK came out when she donned this get up! Beware world the diva cowgirl is out to conquer.

Saturday evening we drove into Pumpkintown (yes that's right folks! complete with a giant pumpkin) to have some ice cream and see the sights there.  Upon entering this store MK found her knight in shining armor and her heart was instantly lost.  He's the tall silent type but she has what it takes to soften his heart.

Alas the fun is over, for now.  But beware South Carolina, MK will be back to take you by storm again.

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Amelia said...

Aww... That is really cute. So happy for you, it sounds like great times! You and MK remind me so much of my daughters and I when out and about. It's a special treat for us these days isn't it?

That is so awesome that you both found your dresses, and the resale shop find is a special blessing!