There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
Home is where my husband and I reside; wherever that may be.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hints, tidbits, and a little look inside. 2 December 2014

Outside my window...the moon is making its plunge back behind the earth to  spend the day and the sun's rays are just beginning to streak the sky with shades of gold and red.  I doubt I shall ever get over the weather around here.  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we awoke to everything glittering with frost and air that snapped and tingled with the chill of it.  Sunday and yesterday we had temperatures in the 70's.  The light was so bright and clear that it felt as if you could see forever.  
 Sunday I took a long walk and discovered this beauty and hidden place not too far from here.  I have now found my new walking place that is conveniently close by and full of surprises that are just waiting for me to unearth them.
 I am thinking...about changes, conscious changes and changes that come upon you without you really knowing that they have.

I am thankful...for a husband who changes out the alternator in a car without giving it a second thought.  I am thankful for a brother who helps diagnose the pesky problem.

I am still reading...The 7 Secrets of Confession.  This book has been full of moments of revelation, self-reflection, and resolution.

In the creativity department...the work room was quiet over Thanksgiving.  Matthew came to visit and I was loathe to spend time sewing when I could spend time with him in conversation.  Now, though, it is nose to grindstone, back on the treadmill, crack the whip time.  I have a couple of orders to finish and ship today.  Yesterday I picked up two more bag orders and a couple of aprons.  I also have to put the finishing touches on my gift for the giving tree at church.

 Spiritually speaking...I have found a wonderful priest and confessor at a church not too awfully far from here.  He has lined me up with an order of Poor Clare's as well who are giving me much needed spiritual direction.  This path behind the church is the start of the outdoor rosary that I love visiting when I go to see father.  How refreshing that in this area of mega churches and very busy parishes I have finally found one that is a bit like home.

From the kitchen...there will be leftovers on the menu.  Last night I made meatloaf, broccoli, and baked potatoes for supper.  Thankfully there is plenty left so that I don't have to concern myself in the kitchen.  After actually cleaning the house yesterday (yep I really did a good job for a change) and conquering mount washmore (6 loads worth!) I don't feel too guilty about indulging my creativity.

A few plans for the rest of the week...finish and ship all the pending work and slip in some of my own projects along the way.  One week from today is my husband's 62nd birthday.  I am hoping to line up a grandma sitter and take him out on the town to celebrate.  The best day of my life happened nine years before I was even born on the day that God sent this man into the world.

Here is a picture thought that I am sharing with you...
I had camera issues on Thanksgiving day and this is about the only pic that came out.  Matthew and his "twin" cousin Joseph.  What a blessing to have the family that God gifted me with.

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