There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
Home is where my husband and I reside; wherever that may be.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A few of my favorite things

After he came home from work yesterday my wonderful, thoughtful, and sacrificing husband piled my mother into the car and took me shopping to the fabric store in Anderson 30 min away to stock up on some sewing things that I was sorely low on.

Coupons and discount card in hand we set out to see what kind of bargains there were.  

Though not on my list I can always use thread especially when it is on sale and in such a rainbow of colors.  It makes me happy just to have this box of possibility sitting on the table in the bright sunshine conjuring up visions of new embroideries and projects to tantalize my fancy.

Buttons are, to me the quintessential embellishment.  Not only that but, when the kids were little, they made the perfect distraction for little people when I was working and they wanted to "help."  I used to order buttons by the pound from a mail order house in PA. What a treat for the kids when I pulled out the button box, a blunt ended needle, and a length of string.  Many is the time that I wore beautifully crafted jewelry that came from those creative sessions.  
When we got home there was the mail to open and it contained as many surprises and memories as the purchases from the fabric store.  A thank you from Adam brought back visions of first grade paper, notes written on white board for the kids to copy and the inevitable cries of, "Why do we have to write thank you notes?"  I can also still hear the pleased phone calls that I received from older relatives after they received one of those notes. Well worth the angst.
Goofy birthday cards with gift cards inside from Ryan are always a surprise and a pleasure. Not for the gift but for the fact that this son of mine is so forgetful and yet so thoughtful and loving.  Thank you Kathleen for being his memory and his other half (not a small job).

A beautiful and most thoughtful surprise from a daughter who knows me so well and loves me anyway.  Two spoons to add to my collection.  Mary Poppins on one carrying with her so many memories of dear friends with carpet bags and delightful imaginations and cozy evenings curled up watching movies together, and intricate carvings on the other reminding me of the beauty of my daughter, inside an dout.

Never is a list of favorite things complete without the new books that have come to live in my world. Thanks to my sister, ReNee' challenging me once again to stretch outside of my sewing comfort zone, I embark on the journey of liturgical sewing.  

These are just a few of my favorite things.

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Amelia said...

Oh wow. I can so relate to the elation of going sewin' shopping! It sounds plumb luverly yes it does...