There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
Home is where my husband and I reside; wherever that may be.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hints, tidbits, and here it is Monday, 26 January 2015

Outside my is chilly, once again. After a high of 56 yesterday and bright sunshine 37 is always a kind of shock.  The weather guys were calling for rain in the night but it seems to have passed north of us, close enough to make my bones ache but not enough to drop the wet stuff.  

I an thinking about the excellent surprise that I had Friday afternoon.  Jason was in Greenville dropping a load but it didn't look like I we were going to be able to get together before he had to leave to pick up the next load.  Sitting here feeling sorry for myself and trying to get a little work done I heard the sound of a big truck coming down the road.  Now the neighbors below us frequently get deliveries of something from big semis so at first I was just wondering if the driver was going to have more or less talent than the last one who managed to drive on everyone's lawns while turning in the cul de sac.  

Imagine my surprise when this beauty ended up backing into my driveway!!!!! 
Thank you God, Baby Jesus, Blessed Mother and all the saints!  A visit from one of my children is always a treat but this one turned into an extra special bonus.  His fleet manager called and said she had a load in NC to be picked up Monday morning!!!!! We had Jason over Friday and Saturday nights.  Pizza and beer and lots of talk and laughing here we come.

Consequently I am thankful for...Jason taking a load (that pays less) but brings him close to his parents so we get to spend time with him.  God is truly good.  

I am reading...The Art of Praying by Romano Guardini

From the kitchen...there is nary a thing to be had in the ice box!  A big lug of a son ate me out of house and home.  I am also down to my last two beers!!!!  And thank you God for that lack since it means that we were together and I spent time with him rather than wasting it in other less worthy pursuits!!!  Fear not I have a plan though.  Tonight we will enjoy crock pot chicken condon bleu.

Yesterday Jason and I went to Anderson to a HUGE flea market.  This little gem was my big acquisition of the day.

Mary-Kate you know you want one! I haven't carried a knife since we moved since there aren't too many bales of hay to open here.  The last time I had to cut vines in the garden or open a package that had straps on it I had to scramble to find a suitable tool.  Here is the answer to that problem and it came with a holster too!!!!

Today will be spent finishing an order for altar linens so they can be shipped either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.  There are also two aprons to finish and ship.  Between loads of laundry, sweeping floors, and changing beds and diapers I should be able to stay out of trouble.  Tomorrow we take the quilting machine to the sewing machine place to have some routine maintenance done on it and have the timing adjusted.  That should take care of my whole week right there.

God is truly good to all of us if we only take the time to look for the blessings.  I am thrilled by the visit from Jason but it isn't only the large things that constitute His love for me.  The daily pictures and texts from my daughter's-in-law, daughter, and husband, the sun when it shines and the birds outside my window are only a very few of the gifts that He gives me daily.

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