There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
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Saturday, June 2, 2012

A typical Saturday

Typically on a Saturday work is done around the farm.  Ian likes to be around so that he can spend some time with Layn.  Also there is always some area that needs to be cleaned up or something that is wanting maintenance or in downright need of fixing. 
This morning since there was a light rain falling, Layn ended up being inside with me so the men were able to get a lot more done.  The first thing that they attacked was the accumulation of junk along the side of the barn on the hill where we store our machinery.  Another ongoing task that has to be kept up to date is mowing.  Grass grows (fancy that) and along with tall grass comes increased allergies for those of us who are weak enough to succomb.  The bright side of having to clean up the mess is the fact that the price for scrap is up so Ian likes to be able to load the truck up druring the week and take it to the scrap dealer on Friday.  (There is always accumulated scrap iron on a farm)

Since it was too wet to mow lawns Matthew was home to get in on the act.  Another pair of hands is always welcome when cleaning up messes.  See how excited Matthew looks about the prospect of digging in mud and loading up rotting lumber!

This may look like a game of tug-o-war but it is not. They unearthed a length of plastic pipe.  The funny thing about this was Ian sending Matthew down to the shop to get a ratchet strap so that they could use the tractor and dump wagon to pull this pipe out of the mud and weeds. By the time that he got back up the hill my husband had it unearthed and he and Ian were able to pull it out by hand.  Guess with dad's muscles around there is no need for tractors and ratchet straps.

Once they got all the debris out they were able to mow down the grass.  Now it is starting to look pretty good over there. 
Along with all of that cleaning up they managed to mow under all the fences so that there is plenty of juice on the wire for a couple of weeks.  I would say that is a good day's work.

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Ryan said...

Looks like fun. :-D