There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
Home is where my husband and I reside; wherever that may be.

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook 16 December 2013

Outside my window...once again the south teases  me and presents me with a very heavy frost.  Although snow is not my favorite form of precipitation  at  this  time  of year  it would  be nice to wake up and suddenly have a couple of  inches  on  the  ground.

I am  thinking...about the role that prayer  and faith in God plays in  our lives.  Acts  of piety must be real and sincere  I  have decided  (actually I knew it all along  but  it has been brought home to me that this is a true thing).  Satan will find whatever means he can to work his wiles on all of us.

I am  thankful for...churches that have masses  late in the evening on  a Sunday,  husbands who  love unconditionally and completely, and phones with GPS!

From the kitchen...leftovers will  be on the menu.  This cook is recovering from  a weekend long bout of the two bucket disease and cannot imagine doing any cooking  yet.

I am wearing...sweats.  My sweet man let me sleep in this  morning so it is a  slow start for all of  us.

I am  ship  our a couple of packages, take mom to the doctor, and finish up a couple  of projects today.

I am reading...Father Delp.  I am way behind where I should be in the book but  getting so much out of what he has to say!

I am many things  I  can even put into words  here.   When  all  else fails hope, my  friends  is all  we have!

I am  hearing...the sounds my mother  makes when she is  eating and actually likes what I have  put in front of her, an airplane taking  of from  the little regional  airport outside the development where we live, and the dogs  next  door barking  because the  school  bus  has stopped  up on the next  street.

Around the house...there is a waiting air.  I have done my best to gradually decorate and prepare for the coming of Christ at  Christmas   The stable that my dad built is out and waits the presence  of the holy couple, the tree is  set  up and  sports an angel willing to proclaim  "Peace on Earth  to men of  good will!"

One of my favorite things...sitting of an evening in my husband's arms enjoying the silence  and warmth  of the home that we have made.

A few  plans for  the rest  of the week...somehow I have to get some baking done  (we will observe our Christmas traditions!), get the house clean, and finish the decorating  all while taking care of mom and seeing to it that she doesn't go behind me undoing all  that I have  done.

Here is a picture thought that I am sharing with you.....

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