There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
Home is where my husband and I reside; wherever that may be.

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook 23 December 2013

Outside my is dark.  Though I usually do this post first thing in the morning today I didn't get that chance. 
I am thinking...about family and all that the word and concept means to me.
I am thankful for...the man that sleeps beside me every night, who stands beside me in all of the trials of life, who not only vowed to love me but who really does.
From the kitchen...there will be plenty of good things to be had by all who come to this house during the Christmas season.
I am wearing...sweats and a tee shirt.
I am go to bed soon and sleep like Santa does before his big night.
I am reading...not a thing.  I finished the book by Father Delp and haven't even thought of starting anything new yet.
I am hoping...that somehow my mother manages to have a happy Christmas.  Even though she doesn't seem to understand what is going on she can still get some happiness out of the time with family if she lets herself.
I am hearing...the sound of the program that Doug and mom are watching on the TV, the water running in the ice maker in the kitchen, and an airplane taking off from the airport that is not far from here.
Around the house...everything is ready for the celebration of the Christmas season to commence.
One of my favorite thing...the sights and smells that are associated with the celebration of Christmas and the times that the family has all been together.
A few plans for the rest of the week....making merry and seeing to it that the birth of Christ is well and truly commemorated in this house.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...
Our Christmas tree.  Small by Kraeger family standards but it is the best we can do this year.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy to you and yours. You are in my prayers. ugotafriend

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year that is