There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
Home is where my husband and I reside; wherever that may be.

Monday, March 30, 2015

A look into a life 30 March 2015

Outside my is chilly, probably in the lower 20's with the wind blowing adding quite a frigid factor to the gloominess of the day.  Somehow, though, it cannot penetrate into the house where the children play contentedly, the music provides a background of upbeat counterpoint, and the scents of clean laundry and hot coffee perfume the air.

I am thinking...about verse that describes old houses and their voices.

I am thankful...for the welcome that we have received from all the home folk that we have seen so far. True friends really are those that time and space do not really separate.

I am reading...The Divergent Trilogy.  I find that now that I have time to read I feel like a glutton at a banquet.  

From the kitchen...there is chicken noodle soup, corn bread, and a green salad for supper.  I love days when the "mom" kind of things are taken care of and I can play all day.

Creatively speaking...I guess there is no reason for the Old Sew N Sew not to be back in business again.  The work room is all set up and I am happy to say that the quilting machine that we picked up from the repairman the day before we pulled out of SC is set up and running like a charm.  I am ready to take orders and the creative juices may even begin to flow again very soon.

All of that being said yesterday signaled the start of the most solemn and holy times of the year, Holy Week.  Lent this year, for me, has been somewhat surreal.  Though I have been told countless times that I have been living my lent because of my former life situation, it all seemed like no kind of lent that I could ever have imagined or chosen.  Perhaps as time passes and I am able to process the memories and emotions I can glean some benefit.  Until that happens however I plan on using the coming week to make up for what I feel has been lacking in my observance of this year's season thus far.  
So, until after Easter Sunday and the Resurrection of Our Lord I leave you all with this visual of why I came home and what home is to me.  It is the simple, the silent, and the giving.

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