There's no place like home.

There's no place like home.
Home is where my husband and I reside; wherever that may be.

Monday, November 26, 2012

In Memoriam

One year ago today I lost my father.
A sad occasion to be sure but not for the reasons that one would suppose.  
Yes he gave me life, material security, guidance and love, but he gave more, much more than that.

What my father gave he gave in silence but that silence was eloquent and undeniable.
He gave me faith and the practice of that faith.  
He gave me unswerving faith, in the smooth times of life and,
more importantly the times that shake your faith.

He gave courage.  Not the Hollywood kind of courage that prompts a man to blindly go where all others refuse.  He gave courage to seek, discern, and carry out the will of God against all odds.
He gave me the courage to get up every morning and fulfill my duties when others are shirking theirs.
He gave the courage to laugh, joke, smile, and love when all others are cursing their misfortunes.

He silently taught me what a man is and then made it impossible for me to settle for any man less than the man that he was.
He showed that a man's strength is in saying no and then standing firm in that decision, no matter what.  
That a man builds muscle in the service of his wife and family and not in a gym in the service of his own ego.
He showed that a man loves by discipline and firmness in decision as well as in tenderness and caresses.

And when the end came near, he showed that a man finishes the fight with patience, forbearance, sacrifice, prayer, and a healthy dose of humor.

I love you and miss you daddy and I always will.  Rest in peace.

The Simple Womans Daybook 26 November 2012

Outside my window...Oh the wind is lashing lustily
                                                 And the trees are thrashing thrustily
                                                  And the leaves are rustling gustily
                                                    So it's rather safe to say
                                                      That it seems that it may turn out to be
                                                         It feels that it will undoubtedly
                                                      It looks like a rather blustery day, today
                                                    It sounds that it may turn out to be
                                                  Feels that it will undoubtedly
                                                Looks like a rather blustery day today (From Winnie the Pooh and the                
Blustery Day)

I am thinking....about the silence that comes when the snow is falling.  

I am thankful for...a husband and son who take good care of us.

From the kitchen...there will be something good tonight I just haven't thought of it yet.

I am sweatpants and an oversized flannel shirt that Ryan left behind last time he was home.  

I am creating...surprises and Christmas joy.

I am stay home today, at least until the snow stops falling and the road crews have a chance to do their job.  They have enough to contend with the crazies who don't know how to drive in this.  They don't need any more cars on the road.

I am reading...To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

I am hoping...that all my family that will be traveling next month will arrive here safely.

I am hearing...Melissa and MK encouraging Layn to pick up his toys so he can get ready to go out into the snow.  He is so fascinated with all that white stuff coming out of the sky.

Around the house...everything is picked up and ready to start the day.  MK got up early this morning and has been hard at work. 

One of my favorite things...the precious hours spent at church yesterday afternoon.  Our Lord was exposed in the Blessed Sacrament all afternoon then we had Solemn Vespers and Benediction.  What a joyful way to end the weekend.

A few plans for the rest of the week....I hope to finish all my Christmas sewing this week.  I am going to Georgia on the 6th and my goal is to have everything done and wrapped before I leave.  Time will tell whether I accomplish that.

Here is a picture thought that I am sharing with you...
Layn had some friends over last week.  Such a big boy!!! He even shared his blankey and stuffed cow with his friend Charlie.  He's growing up!

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Simple Womans Daybook 19 November 2012

Outside my window....everything is covered with white sprinkles!!!! There was a heavy frost last night and the world looks like a confectioner has come by with powdered sugar and sprinkled his magic onto the scenery.

I am thinking....about what we can attain and what is simply out of our reach.  Learning when to be content with what you have and when it is right to reach for more is a lesson that I seem to never quite grasp.
(no pun intended)

I am thankful...for those who build bridges and for others who are willing to walk across those same bridges.

From the kitchen...will come some kind of delicious alchemy that will wow and amaze all who sit at our table tonight.

I am wearing....jammies still.

I am creating....surprises!

I am town to see the neurologist for a check-up and to do some shopping and then home to stay.

I am reading....Man's Search for Meaning

I am be able to consign some of my work at a local shop this week.

I am hearing...Melissa fixing Layn's breakfast in the kitchen, the birds singing outside my window, traffic on the highway out across the fields, and the fan on the furnace valiantly blowing the heat into the house to keep us warm.

Around the house...everything is warm and happy.  The presence of young children in this house gives it a feeling of rightness and completeness that no other addition to the house can.

One of my favorite things...spending Sunday afternoon with other like-minded women working on things that we love to do.  There were several of us here yesterday scrap booking and sewing and it felt right to be together working like that and visiting.  It was also nice to spend a day with the men gone off doing their own things.

A few plans for the rest of the week....I guess that it is Thanksgiving week (though I was in denial until late last week) so my plan is to make preparations for that momentous of days.  Around here Thanksgiving is as big as Christmas.  This family enjoys more than our share of blessing and bounty from the Lord and it is only right and proper that we acknowledge that and set aside a day for celebrating that bounty and blessing. 

Here is a picture thought that I am sharing with you....
They came to combine the soybeans last week.  Layn sure did want to drive that big machine!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sometimes a guy has to get the big reward!!

Layn has been in training for the past few months.  Not for the big fight or for the big game.  He has been in training for life!!! The big gig.  Potty training!!!!!  Conquering the pee thing was no walk in the park (for us) this little guy was in total control all the way.  But not the kind of control that we wanted him to be in.  Training for the big #2 has been a real chore.  Talk about some serious control.  He's not the first kind I have trained who could wait for the naptime diaper or bedtime before he lets loose.  I can tell you that he has been the most persistent.  But this grandma has an ace up her sleeve that works every time and works like a beans!!!!!  This morning the little dude did it in the potty and even asked to go.  That there super sized marshmallow was his much deserved reward.  I got nothing!

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Simple Womans Daybook 12 November 2012

Outside my window...the sun is shining brightly and it is shaping up to be another beautiful late fall day.  The weather man says that we are to have record breaking temps today and I say, "I'll take it!!!"

I am thinking...about spacial days that have been set aside as observances for things such as Veterans Day, which was yesterday.  But in order to satisfy the lazy American need to have a "day off" on someone else, it is observed today so that federal offices can be closed and kids can have a day off from school.  I feel that the vets, living and dead, would be better served if kids went to school and everyone else gave a days work for a days wages.

I am thankful for...a husband who loves me and not the girl I used to be, sons who love each other and get along so very well, a daughter who finds joy in serving others not in being served, and a home that is happy not a place to show off to others.

From the kitchen...there will be hearty beef stew for supper along with apple pie for dessert and homemade bread. 

I am wearing...warm and cozy flannel jammies.  The records highs haven't materialized yet.

I am creating...Christmas cheer.

I am stay home all day and enjoy the pleasures that come from being here.

I am reading...Friends of God by Josemaria Escriva

I am finish the other mitten for Layn today, among other projects that I have lined up for myself.

I am hearing...Layn calling to Ian as they go back outside to work, the birds at the feeders outside my window, and the fan on the furnace trying to steal the last bit of heat from last night's fire.

Around the house...there is an air of excitement and preparation.  Two holidays coming up and on the heals of those will be a wedding.

One of my favorite things...sitting with my family last night with all of us talking to Uncle Big Dude on the phone.

A few plans for the rest of the the life that I have been blessed with.  Live it to the fullest!!!!

Here is a picture thought that I am sharing with you...
Layn trying to lick up the last of the noodles that he was snacking on Saturday night.  He firmly believes in leaving no noodle behind.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some laughies that I stole from FB


Sign over a Gynecologist's Office:
"Dr. Jones, at your cervix."
In a Podiatrist's office:
"Time wounds all heels."
On a Septic Tank Truck:
Yesterday's Meals on Wheels
At a Proctologist's door:
"To expedite your visit, please back in. "
On a Plumber's truck:
"We repair what your husband fixed."
On another Plumber's truck:
"Don't sleep with a drip. Call your plumber."
On a Church's Bill board:
"7 days without God makes one weak."
At a Tire Shop in Milwaukee :
"Invite us to your next blowout."
At a Towing company:
"We don't charge an arm and a leg. We want tows.."
On an Electrician's truck:
"Let us remove your shorts.."
******** ******************
In a Nonsmoking Area:
"If we see smoke, we will assume you are on fire and take appropriate action."
On a Maternity Room door:
"Push. Push. Push."
At an Optometrist's Office:
"If you don't see what you're looking for, you've come to the right place."
On a Taxidermist's window:
"We really know our stuff."
On a Fence:
"Salesmen welcome! Dog food is expensive!"
At a Car Dealership:
"The best way to get back on your feet - miss a car payment."
Outside a Muffler Shop:
"No appointment necessary. We hear you coming."
In a Veterinarian's waiting room:
"Be back in 5 minutes. Sit! Stay!"
At the Electric Company
"We would be delighted if you send in your payment.
However, if you don't, you will be."
In a Restaurant window:
"Don't stand there and be hungry; come on in and get fed up."
In the front yard of a Funeral Home:
"Drive carefully. We'll wait."
At a Propane Filling Station:
"Thank heaven for little grills."
And don't forget the sign at a
"Best place in town to take a leak."
Sign on the back of another Septic Tank Truck:
"Caution - This Truck is full of Political Promises.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Simple Womans Daybook 5 November 2012

Outside my window...the clouds are hanging low in the sky and there is a breeze blowing.  Without even looking at the thermometer I will venture a guess that the temps are in the 30's out there.  Yesterday there was snow in the air and today it looks like we might have more of the same.  

I am thinking...about time spent with family and all of the joy that it brings.

I am thankful for...the upcoming nuptials of my eldest son and his fiancee!!!!!!

From the kitchen...there are plenty of leftovers from the weekend to get us through until Wednesday!!!! That means that this house can get thoroughly cleaned today and tomorrow.

I am wearing....warm flannel jammies.  I got a late start to the morning and haven't hit the showers yet.

I am creating....treats to eat, secrets to please, and memories to treasure.

I am stay home all day and accomplish loads of wonderful things.

I am reading...World Literature Anthology volume 1

I am hoping....that prayers that are being sent up will be answered favorably.

I am hearing...the sound of the fan on the furnace sending warm air up to make the house comfortable, Layn's slipper-clad feet padding back and forth in his playroom, and the chimes outside my window sounding in the breeze that blows.

Around the house...all is as it should be.  There are floors that need cleaning, laundry that has piled up, bathrooms and a kitchen that needs to be cleaned, and a pile of mending to be done.

One of my favorite things...the time spent with the little people in my life.

A few plans for the rest of the week...fully participate in the rhythms of the life that I call my own.

Here is a picture thought that I am sharing with you...
A rare moment spent with Savannah!!!! She sure loves her papa.